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7 July 2021
Information and Virtual Brokerage Session

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Information and Virtual Brokerage Session: Horizon Europe 2021 Cloud, Edge, IoT

PLEASE NOTE: The event is over, the conversation is not! You can still register for the event to get in touch with event participants and share information in the market place area!

The European Commission invites stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators to participate in “From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data” on 7 July 2021. This event is an Information and Virtual Brokerage Session on the Horizon Europe 2021 Call on “WORLD LEADING DATA AND COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES” and is a follow up to the Strategy Forum on Next Generation IoT and Edge Computing held in April 2021.

The open and FREE half-day virtual event will introduce the section “From Cloud-Edge-IoT for European Data” under Destination 3 of Cluster 4 of Work Programme 2021/22 of the Horizon Europe Programme. After a strategic positioning of this research and innovation initiative and highlighting key findings of the recent strategy forum on “Next generation IoT and Edge Computing”, details of the following topics will be presented:

You can find the whole Horizon Europe work programme here.

The event offers a unique international networking experience to forge the winning partnerships with academics, researchers, industrial stakeholders, and SMEs.

The event provides participants with a unique opportunity to brainstorm on emerging concepts, pitch concrete ideas and exchange expertise with leading research organisations and cutting-edge innovators from across the industry. The virtual brokerage event will inspire participants, extend their scientific and cooperative network, and establish new partnerships through scheduled 1:1 meetings. You can book 1:1 meetings on the day of the event and within two weeks after the event via the b2match platform.

Why participate?

  • Get the latest Horizon Europe Cloud-Edge-IoT Call information from the European Commission.
  • Extend your scientific network, build quality partnerships, prepare to participate in Cloud-Edge-IoT Horizon Europe Calls.
  • Discuss and develop new proposal ideas on Cloud-Edge-IoT at European level.
  • Acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations.
  • Promote your outcomes, technologies, and know-how.

Who can participate?

Representatives of companies, universities, research institutes SMEs, individuals interested in sharing new projects ideas and finding collaboration partners.

We look forward to meeting you on 7 July!

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